Guy on the Side

Second string players. Men fill up that bench just as much as women…maybe more so. We hear the term ‘homewrecker’ and we usually think of a woman having an affair with a man with a family. But there are plenty of dudes out there that apply for the part time job of lover to a committed woman (*GASP!* women cheat too!). There’s not too many differences between the two besides maybe the guy on the side may be (maybe) less likely to blow the spot, or, notify said committed woman’s significant other of her infidelity, for the simple reason that he doesn’t want to lose the no-strings-attached sex option. I say that because guys are usually the least likely to catch feelings in situations as this…not saying that they never do, but they’re the least likely. Guys can be such heartless creatures…and in situations as this, it’s a good thing.

For some reason, sideline men aren’t talked about as much as sideline women. I”m not really sure why…it’s strange. Men get more shit for cheating, and women get more shit for being the chick on the side. But both positions place you in the wrong….assuming the person on the side knows they’re on the side. But that’s just the way it seems to me. I’ve been in that situation myself, and the person on the side usually has no remorse for what happens in that relationship since they’re not in it, but the person on the side definitely isn’t helping at all. I think at the very least, the side person should acknowledge the part in it if they have full knowledge of their position…I mean at the very least. Sure, if/when shit hits the fan over there, there’s nothing you can do about it but you were involved for a time….but anyway…the most important thing—really the only thing—a sideliner can do is play their part. Stay on the side, perform whatever services you’re there for, and make your exit discreetly.

This is where being an emotionless cad comes in handy for both parties involved, because, he most likely won’t care about anything besides the free sex, and he won’t compromise that by running his mouth (not in all cases, unfortunately). The worst thing that could happen is the woman comes across some overly emotional, clingy-ass dude who wants to take the top spot. She doesn’t want him to take a dump in her house, let alone be there longer than a couple hours, but luckily for her, he most likely took a dump at another chick’s house.

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